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It’s time to discover your natural leadership strengths and style.


Your leadership journey and career goals are as unique as you are. There is no one out there like you or someone who possesses the unique set of strengths that you do. By identifying and maximizing your natural leadership strengths and style, you are taking the first step toward fully understanding how your natural talents can and do create success in your personal and professional life. Did you know individuals who maximize their natural strengths report a higher level of productivity, more positive interactions with co-workers, have more creative and innovative moments, and look forward to going to work? Individuals who maximize their strengths are 6x as likely to report being more engaged in their jobs and are 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

Are you ready to start?

Strengths Assessment and Coaching. By starting your coaching sessions with a leadership strengths assessment, you and Dr. Miller will use Gallup Strengths Assessment to identify your raw leadership talents and begin to discover how you use these talents in your daily personal and professional life.

Leadership Assessment and Coaching. Taking your leadership coaching to the next level incorporates leadership style assessments. In these sessions, you and Dr. Miller will identify and explore your natural leadership style and how you can combine it with your natural strengths to develop yourself and your team to achieve your organizational goals.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring. Success doesn’t stop at assessment. Leaders and teams need support throughout their professional lives and in their daily work environments. Continue the conversation with Dr. Miller as she continues to take your natural leadership strengths, leadership style, and challenges that you face in your organization and helps you navigate the path toward professional and personal success.


Meet Dr. Mary Catherine Miller
The Leadership Coach

A doctorate in Leadership Studies. A certified Gallup coach. An instructor in leadership and followership studies. With fifteen years of experience in leadership and staff development,

Dr. Mary Catherine Miller coaches and mentors rising leaders to reach their full potential by focusing on their natural strengths. She believes every leader is as unique as the raw talents they possess and that there is no one-size-fits-all leadership style.

Dr. Miller coaches and mentors individuals to use these natural talents paired with their own leadership style to make themselves stand out within their organization. In an evolving digital age where group work is essential for a variety of businesses, Dr. Miller also works with teams to transform them into a strong, cohesive group. By identifying each person’s top talents within a team, she coaches teams on how to utilize their natural talents to increase harmony, production, and team reliance to achieve organizational goals. Whether in person or online, Dr. Miller delivers exceptional leadership coaching and development that helps both individuals and teams make the most of their opportunities, goals, and future.


Customize Your Leadership Coaching Experience

One-on-One Coaching (via online or in-person)

Group Coaching

(via online or in-person)

Organizational Coaching

(via online or in-person)

Leadership Strengths Assessment and Coaching

"Your Leadership Style" Assessment and Coaching

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

(Tackling challenges in your daily leadership role)


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